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Your body is my business

BodyTreats Beauty & Massage



Spray Tan

Face - Body - Skin Care



Relaxing therapeutic full body massage for men and women designed just for you. This intuitive massage involves tuning into your mind and body throughout the massage and allowing this information to guide therapeutic healing. The power of touch is one of the most healing life force energies and this massage is designed to facilitate healing.

Incorporating stretching of the body, long flowing strokes, deep tissue massage, skin rolling and kneading to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system in order to restore vitality to the body and balance it as a whole.

The above combined with source connection, intention & intuition, results in a unique massage to suit your individual needs!

Discuss your concerns and issues before we begin or you can just zone out and leave it to me...

One hour $100

Half hour $65

I am Reiki Level 1 qualified together with Advanced Pranic Healing, Crystal Therapies & Chakra Balancing

Organic carrier oils, essential oils are used inc. Zearelief, Larissa Bright & Vanessa Megan


Waxing for Women

Brazilian (perineum and butt tuft - No hair left down there)


G string


Full leg


Half leg




Under arm






Lip and chin


Other areas just ask :-)  

Waxing for Men

Back inc shoulders, salt scrub and massage


 Full leg






Quotes provided on other and all areas  

Skin Care

Our skin reflects our inner health

I choose Vanessa Megan Advanced Organics and Larissa Bright Skincare Ranges. Made in Australia with no nasty chemicals.


With consistent maintenance and appropriate choices our skin can perform at its best and make us glow! Facials take approximately one hour including reveal, treat and seal.

Facial inc foot or hand massage $99