BodyTreats Beauty Massage & Access Bars Practitioner

​​I am an owner/operator with 30 years of experience. I will be your therapist every time. Your comfort is my priority!

With extensive training and experience combined with a passion for mind/body wellness, my focus is to add value to your day

My studio is modern, warm and your privacy is assured.

I have been a monthly client of Karlene's for over 8 years. There's no part of me that she hasn't seen! She makes me feel relaxed and comfortable every time. There isn't a service I haven't tried and there isn't one I wouldn't recommend. I can only describe her as an earth mother! It would be remiss of me not to mention that she is absolute value for money

CR, wax, tint, tan - Client, 8+ years

I'm a self-confessed prude and I don't like people touching me. I've been going to Karlene for waxing and massage for at least 3 years now. I'll never go anywhere else.

Name withheld (not surprisingly) - Client, 3+ years

Karlene studio is in the secret garden! When I first entered the gate (hidden in the large green fence), I was a little shocked to be in the midst of a beautiful zen style garden... in Glenorchy (yes that's it to the left). Then to enter her warm, inviting and relaxing studio, I was delighted. Karlene knows how to read people, I've often been in for an appointment and we've spoken only a few words, she doesn't chat unless you want to. If you want to relax, this is the place!

Deb - Client, 5 years

Everywhere I go, intrastate, interstate, overseas, I always find somewhere to have a massage. I've been to spas all over the world and had every kind of massage their is, the good and the bad. Karlene has the strength and skill to provide the perfect massage. Sports injuries, relaxation, misalignment and strains, she can fix me up in no time with the perfect pressure and technique.

Matt, massage me - Client, too long to remember